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My apologies for those I owe late Christmas gifts towards. My tablet usage has been limited due to my new job, and Kawaii Kon is approaching. 

5 deviants said I'll be sure to get back into them by the end of this month! Thanks for hanging in there!

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Tue Sep 23, 2014, 3:09 PM
i luv ur artwork! its so ahsooooommmmme!!!!
Wed Oct 2, 2013, 11:14 AM
can add me to your friends list
Mon Feb 18, 2013, 12:15 PM
ow cool girl or boy sorry for at
Mon Feb 18, 2013, 12:14 PM
Wed Dec 19, 2012, 1:57 AM

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Gifts and Commissions:

Commission for Ari - The Guardian by Roots-Love Munto Chibis by Willow-Pendragon Gift Comission: Starry sky by Astranya Commission 34 by hangdok COMMISSION - Munto scene by ElyonBlackStar Kiriban # 2- Ari by Roots-Love Comm:Munto by AkubakaArts Versus! Munto Verse Trainers by Willow-Pendragon :: Special commissions :: by sionra two worlds two dimension by The-dolphins-cry Commission-Tommorrow's Promise by Willow-Pendragon Munto x Yumemi by juhaihai A Bit Late for a Visit? by Miyori999 Merry Christmas by Amand4 Munto x Yumemi : Wedding Dance by juhaihai Yumemi Sketch by kitsune2006 The Great Munto by Sami01 Happy Birthday Ari! by Miyori999 Munto birthday gift by twins6292 The Dream Within The Reality by Willow-Pendragon [WFY] Bonds by little-Meky 'Lost Butterfly' WFY by Miyori999 WFY contest entry by yinyangswings Pretty Flowers by MistyTang Peaches and Spiced AppleIf Yumemi could paint a picture of the Heavenly world, it'd never work. The colours would either be too vibrant to capture its simplicity, or too dull to picture it's exotic and wondrous beauty. The shades would be of uncertainty, with small flicks of guesses. And it didn't deserve those kinds of art. This world, this other home, was everything and nothing like she had imagined in her girlish fantasies.
Whilst most little girls dreamed of ponies and faeries and princesses and happy endings, Yumemi was very different. Every single time her emerald eyes caught sight of those islands in the sky, even hidden by wisps of grey cloud or through her pink umbrella, the image of a loving, accepting world came to mind.
The outcome, as most would picture, turned out to be a different tale indeed. There were palaces and valiant sunshine to adorn in, to bask in the beauty of the clear waters and unique structures of the buildings. She didn't expect it to be a war-filled world on the brink of collaps
Commission: Munto and Yumemi by Innervalue Commision: Munto - Harmony by juhaihai Munto: Realizing 2 by Sami01 YumemixMunto -Plushie- by Willow-Pendragon His Most Dazzling, Precious TreasureHis Most Dazzling, Precious Treasure
Munto x Yumemi Fluff
Disclaimer: I do not own Kyoto Animation's Munto or any of its characters and gain no profit from its use. This is strictly a fanfiction.
Munto's golden irises held an exhausted air.  Shoes tapped firmly on the marble tiles, but his feet were dragging still.  One lone chambermaid stood ready to take his final orders for the day.  Seeing the old woman stifle a yawn, he waved a hand and promptly relieved her of her duties.  Nearly midnight, he wasn't going to keep anyone up for his sake.  So he wandered—plodding along past the wing holding his chambers to the other side of the palace.  
He stopped where he felt the most warmth; not a tangible temperature, but rather what lay inside the soul.  It was warmest at her door.  Even when he had no idea where she was, it never took long to find her and he was grateful for that.  Quietly opening
-Munto- by Veld-Nova awaits by The-dolphins-cry Munto: Burning Heart collab by Roots-Love Cardinals For Cardinal by Willow-Pendragon Gift for Ari - munto by Roots-Love Munto: One Sky by juhaihai Attempted ComedyMunto sat with his back to Yumemi, shirtless. Right below his right shoulder, stinging pain made him grind his teeth.
For almost the first time ever, he was wounded in battle. It wasn't life-threatening--NO! He IS Munto-sama for a reason!--but it could leave a scar.
There was a big gaping hole that was about the size of a hand that went right through his back to his front. Munto was afraid to look at it, afraid he'd see a mangled mess of skin and blood.
As Yumemi observed, it just looked like someone had just poked a hole in a piece of paper with a pencil.
She sat behind Munto, trying to decide what to do. After several moments of silece, the young man asked the girl, "Will it leave a scar?"
Yumemi shrugged nonschelantly, though Munto didn't see--and he didn't see the horryfied look on her face--for his back was to her, and she said, "Um, maybe. Let me try something..."
She touched her pinkie finger with her thumb, sticking her tongue out and raising an eyebrow. This would take deadly
Edited Muro doodle: Munto by Roots-Love AdviceTitle: Advice
Disclaimer: Munto © to Kyoto Animation
Pairing(s): Munto/Yumemi, very subtle Louie/Munto. You'll have to squint hard.
Dedication: To *red-winged-angel. Based off her comic of the same name.
Warnings: Some cursing, some hinted sexuality. If you don't like any of that, then please don't read.
The rest, enjoy!
She looked so happy. It was pissing him off. He wasn't sure why, either. Mostly that she was happy and he wasn't the one giving her happiness. Well, indirectly, he supposed, as he was the one hosting this dreadful gathering. That didn't matter. She was among all those lowly Beings and having such a great time. He wanted to be the one making her smile, but he couldn't get off the stupid throne. He couldn't make himself get up. His mouth pulled together in a thin line. Am I just a coward?
Someone made her laugh.
Oh, gods
Beautiful Innocence:colored by Yume-Megumi free sketches 1 color by boredomkillz Happy Birthday Ari by surrenderdammit 2011 - Munto by kikiotaku87 A QUICK GUIDE by boredomkillz SecretSanta AriChan by surrenderdammit Double Meme Unfinished by surrenderdammit Yumemi and Munto by lillyfoot15 Munto w Tiger: contest prize by CaliforniaClipper da lurve pt 2 by riotycurls


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hey all, Ari here. Welcome to my gallery! :heart: On this lovely little page, you'll find it full of my obsession: the Munto; Sora o Miageru Shōjo no Hitomi ni Utsuru Sekai fandom, which will range from cavity inducing fluff, photography, soft-core eye candy, comic funnies, and random outbursts.

I'm a digital artist with an (Electronic) Arts degree and Women's Studies minor, all in the pursuit of becoming an animator. On my free time, I make "AMV's", also known as anime music videos, and write when I can. My favorite genre of music alternates between rock, metal, new age, and pop, while my most adored bands are RED and Poets of the Fall.

All around, I strive to make my works well plotted and enjoyable for you, my lovely watchers. I am very much welcome to constructive criticism and feedback, so if you have anything urgent to ask/say, please don't be shy to send a note!

NOTE: Even if many of these featured works are for fun, please consider the following rules about my art:

- If you consider to use my work as references and/or upload them to sharing sites, please ask permission beforehand, and give full credit with a link to the original page.
- Do not steal or edit my art and claim it as your own.

That's about it. It's simple. Thank you for the visit. =)

Contact Info:

If you want to add me, please tell me beforehand or I will decline.

My Website:
Instagram: redwingedangel002
Livestream: RedWingedAngel
Pixiv: ID 3084366
Skype: ari-chan002
YouTube: RedWingedAngel02

Commissions: [OPEN]

Slots Available:
1. Kkon: Chad - Noodle form the Gorillas (paid)
2. Kkon: Christopher - Decker from Invisible Inc. (paid)
3. Kkon: Sharie - Death Parade, Chiyuki and Decim (2) (paid)
4. Kkon: SwiggitySwood - OC's (2) (paid)
5. Kkon: Chloe - OC (paid)
6. Kkon: Tomo - Hiccup from HTTYD (paid)

Waiting List:
1. Rei: 3 c.; soft shading (not paid) [remake]
2. xAnimeHeartx: Munto and Yumemi; soft shading.
X-mas/Gifts: (free)
1. Willow-Pendragon: Tea and cakes
2. Sebleem: OC, Kaede
3. FizzyFlatSoda: OC, Laguana

Featured Commissions Folder
No point commissions or art trades
Bullet; White Monochrome:
[Includes up to three basic shades with a choice of cell or soft shading.]
Bust [$20.00]; Waist up [$25.00]; Full body [$30.00]
Cherry by red-winged-angel Gift Commission: Ruki by red-winged-angel Elegance by red-winged-angel
Bullet; White Color-Flat:
Bust [$25.00]; Waist up [$30.00]; Full body [$35.00]
Prize Commission: Pkmn Trainer Yumemi by red-winged-angel
Bullet; White Color-Cell Shading:
Bust [$30.00]; Waist up [$35.00]; Full body [$40.00]
Modern by red-winged-angel
Bullet; White Colored-Soft Shading:
Bust [$35.00]; Waist up [$40.00]; Full body [$45.00]
Gift Commission: Cornered by red-winged-angel *with colored line
PNG/Gradient/Flat [no charge]; simple [$5.00]; Complex [$10.00]
Happiness by red-winged-angel I'd Tap That by red-winged-angel Mirrored Fate by red-winged-angel
Bullet; White Each additional character is [$10.00]; For the time being, I will accept up to three people per commission.
Bullet; White Payment: Paypal; USD
Bullet; White If interested, please send me a note with selected details above, references, and some background info, if need be.
* Paypal has changed their system, please note: Buying art with PayPal by onisuu




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Hi there :) It's Sol again. I didn't want to reply to the message you sent me with the links to the sites I could watch Munto on, because I didn't want to lose the sources. So I thought i'd just strike up a new convo here ^^ I just wanted to tell ya that I'm still interested in watching the episodes again, and I have actually been skimming through the first and second seasons already. I totally forgot that the art style (and Munto's wardrobe and hair style XD) go through a bit of a change from season 1 to season 3 (I think there's 3 all together, right?) I personally like his hair style best in season 3 though. It just sorta, idk, fills out properly? haha looks less 'gravity defying mowhawk' and more just very whispy, spiky hair hehe
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Thank you for favoriting my sky pirate Homestuck AU! It took awhile, but I've finally finished and posted all the kids and trolls:…
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